Our farm is located one half hour northwest of London, Ontario Canada on the road to Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

Cold Stream the Texel Specialists

Our Texel Breeding Time-line
2011 3922X is a type of ram we have been looking for, this ram's weigh is approx 230lbs: He has kept his muscularity even with the increase of size and weight
2008 Purchased NZ genetics
2005 Lambs sired by Kikkert's Pride
2004 Kikkert's Prides semen was used in the fall of 2003 - we now have offspring and the lambs have not disappointed us
2003 Cold Stream Ranch imported semen out of a top ram of Kees Kikkert's from the Island of Texel in the Netherlands.
Kikkert's Pride is related (4 generations past) to the Dutch Texel ramlamb that was sold to a consortium in northern Scotland in August 2003 for a record price of 183,000.00 Euro
2002 New genetics anticipated
New semen from 2 top Dutch Rams
2000 Imported new genetics from top breeding rams Diamond and Euro out of the Netherlands - results - now on the ground.
1999 Third generation Dutch Texel lambs on the ground.
First 7/8 Dutch Texel ram and ewe lambs born February.
1998 Second generation of Dutch Texel lambs born in the spring.
Several 3/4 Dutch Texel lambs born on the farm.
1997 First 1/2 Dutch Texel lambs were born January.
1996 Embryos' arrived in Canada.
Transferred embryos to commercial ewes.
First pure Dutch Texel lambs born October at the Cold Stream Ranch
1995 Visited several sheep producers in The Netherlands
Made arrangements to import Dutch Texel embryos.

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Ram 3922X

2009 - Lamb crop

2005 -
Lambs sired by Kikkert's Pride

Kikkert's Pride

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