Our farm is located one half hour northwest of London, Ontario Canada on the road to Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

Cold Stream the Texel Specialists


Here is information about our feeding program for our Dutch Texel (DT) ewes grass/pasture in summer, some grain 2 weeks before and 4 weeks, after breeding.
Once our ewes come in off grass, we feed them alfalfa with grass hay - first cut hay.
NO grain before lambing, reason - the unborn lambs will get to heavy ( 12-15 lbs. ) not good for the ewe (as the DT is a medium size animal).
After the lambs are born we start feeding mixed grain (50% whole corn, 25% oats, 25% barley) to the ewes.
When the lambs are 10-12 days old we start feeding them ' lamb creep ' 18% protein and slowly add mixed grain with the lamb creep - with free choice Alfalfa - After six weeks we eliminate the 18% protein lamb creep - and feed mixed grain and Alfalfa.
The pure Texel lamb gains weight fast in the first 50 - 60 days and then slows down Keep in mind that the Dutch Texel ram weighs approximately 190lbs to 220lbs and the ewe 145lbs to 155lbs when mature; however with our selective breeding we have increased the weight of our rams and ewes which reflects on the weight of the lambs.
My contacts in The Netherlands and France lamb on grass and finish on grass - and feeds little or no grain.

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---------------------------------- April 2012